By helitaxi to Zaragoza

Zaragoza within reach of a helicopter flight

Zaragoza awaits you with its rich history, architectural charm and vibrant cultural life.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore Zaragoza through a relaxing walk by helicopter where every corner reveals centuries of history and culture.

Possible origins of the flight

Barcelona – Zaragoza

Andorra – Saragossa

Huesca – Saragossa

Balearic Islands – Saragossa

Toledo – Saragossa

Zaragoza – Saragossa

Teruel – Saragossa

Castellón – Saragossa

Valencia – Saragossa

Alicante – Saragossa

Biscay – Saragossa

Asturias – Saragossa

Valladolid – Saragossa

Madrid – Saragossa

Custom routes

You decide the starting point. Your trip, your rules. Discover the freedom to choose and enjoy a tailor-made journey to Zaragoza

Check the possibilities and we will take you by helicopter crossing the sky in a completely exclusive, comfortable and fast way.

We pick you up at the agreed location, we leave you wherever you need.

Simply, sends a starting location and another destination location on the phone (+34) 678 073 685  and the most suitable option for the helicopter transfer will be assessed. Whether it is your home, company, hotel or AVE station.

Find your favorite place in Zaragoza and we will assess the best way to get there.

Do you need support beyond the helicopter flight?

Check the possibilities, we can help you with transfers from your departure point to the departure point of the helicopter, or from the arrival point to your final destination. 

Door to door, without complications.

Our helicopters

Available for 3 and 4 passengers.

Check weight and baggage limitations for each flight.

Passengers over 2 years old.

There is no policy for passengers with reduced mobility.

Limitation of flight only during the day.

Prices per service

Prices vary depending on the desired starting point, contact us for an estimate.

Minimum price for service from €2000

How to book

  1. Send planned point of origin and destination (address, town, location via WhatsApp...) to the phone:

  1. Indicates the number of people who are going to fly
  2. Provides the scheduled date of the helicopter flight and estimated time of departure (or arrival)

  3. Once you have received the quote, confirm it with payment according to its conditions.

Contact us

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Most popular routes

Zaragoza, a city with charm and historical wealth

Zaragoza is a place that will amaze you with its unique fusion of tradition and modernity. The city is characterized by its cultural diversity and vibrant arts scene. From our helicopter you can appreciate the historic squares to the contemporary architectural structures, Zaragoza is a melting pot of styles that invites you to explore its richness.

Fly over the cobblestone streets of the historic center, where each corner tells a story. Immerse yourself in the city's history while visiting museums and emblematic places. Zaragoza allows you to discover its charm at your own pace. The trace of the past is intertwined with modern life, creating a unique environment that envelops you in its magic.

Arancha Benedi

Discover Zaragoza in three unique facets

Zaragoza offers a diverse tourist experience that combines history, culture and nature. The Mudejar Route is an architectural journey that immerses you in the impressive Mudejar architecture of the city. Explore churches, towers and buildings with Christian and Islamic influences that transport you to a bygone era.

The Pilar Festival, the largest festival in Zaragoza, is a celebration full of life that attracts visitors from all over the world. Enjoy parades, concerts and activities for all ages, and immerse yourself in authentic Aragonese culture while watching traditional flower offerings to the Virgen del Pilar.

The green spaces of Zaragoza that you can see from our helicopter are ideal for those looking for a quiet respite, such as Parque José Antonio Labordeta and Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta, offer a refuge from urban life. Take a walk, have a picnic or simply relax while taking in the beauty of local nature. In Zaragoza, history, celebration and nature come together to create an unforgettable tourist experience.

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