Fly by helitaxi to Huesca

Huesca by helicopter: An accessible luxury.

Huesca is a hidden gem to discover, with its impressive Aragonese landscape, majestic mountains and a natural wealth that will leave you breathless.

Don't miss this opportunity to make your visit to Huesca by helicopter an unforgettable experience.

Possible origins of helicopter flight

Barcelona – Huesca

Andorra – Huesca

Madrid- Huesca

Valencia- Huesca

Balearic Islands- Huesca

Zaragoza – Huesca

Teruel – Huesca

Castellón – Huesca

Lion- Huesca

Alicante – Huesca

Toledo- Huesca

Cantabria- Huesca

Guadalajara- Huesca

Valladolid- Huesca

Custom routes

You decide the starting point. Your trip, your rules. Discover the freedom to choose and enjoy a tailor-made journey to Huesca.

Check the possibilities and we will take you by helicopter crossing the sky in a completely exclusive, comfortable and fast way.

We pick you up at the agreed location, we leave you wherever you need.

Simply, sends a starting location and another destination location on the phone (+34) 678 073 685  and the most suitable option for the helicopter transfer will be assessed. Whether it is your home, company, hotel or AVE station.

Find your favorite place in Huesca and we will assess the best way to get there.

Do you need support beyond the helicopter flight?

Check the possibilities, we can help you with transfers from your departure point to the departure point of the helicopter, or from the arrival point to your final destination. 

Door to door, without complications.

Our helicopters

Available for 3 and 4 passengers.

Check weight and baggage limitations for each flight.

Passengers over 2 years old.

There is no policy for passengers with reduced mobility.

Limitation of flight only during the day.

Prices per service

Prices vary depending on the desired starting point, contact us for an estimate.

Minimum price for service from €2000

How to book

  1. Send planned point of origin and destination (address, town, location via WhatsApp...) to the phone:

  1. Indicates the number of people who are going to fly
  2. Provides the scheduled flight date and estimated time of departure (or arrival)

  3. Once you have received the quote, confirm it with payment according to its conditions.

Contact us

Do you want to know more about us?

Visit the Helipistas website

Most popular routes

Huesca will conquer you

From the city's Old Town with its medieval architecture to the castles rising from the hills, history comes to life under the Aragonese sun. The helicopter will allow you to appreciate the beauty of these historic places from a unique perspective.

Its majestic mountains, natural parks such as the Ordesa y Monte Perdido Natural Park, and its historical treasures make Huesca an exceptional place for those in search of unique experiences. Explore the cobblestone streets of its charming old town, visit ancient castles and immerse yourself in the diversity of activities this region has to offer. The Aragonese Pyrenees are a stunning setting, and Huesca gives you the opportunity to discover them at your own pace.

huesca air

Castles and hiking in Huesca: Exploring history from above

Discover the historical wealth of Huesca through the imposing architecture of its medieval castles. The province of Huesca is home to a number of castles, such as the majestic Castillo de Loarre, which stands atop a hill and offers unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding area. These historic forts are a testament to the region's rich heritage and are perfect for exploration and photography.

Also, for an even more exciting experience, consider exploring these castles from the sky. A helicopter flight will allow you to admire these treasures from above before embarking on a hiking trip through the surrounding area. Huesca offers a variety of hiking routes that take you through stunning landscapes, from the Sierra de Guara mountains to canyons and ravines. Immerse yourself in the nature and history of Huesca through these unforgettable adventures.

Most popular routes

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