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Els Casals


Where tradition meets culinary excellence

Discover the charming space of Els Casals

A simple and welcoming genuine charm emanates from the environment that surrounds us, creating a familiar and pleasant atmosphere for our visitors.

Fly by helicopter to this wonderful destination.

Some of our journeys

Barcelona – Sagàs, Els Casals

Zaragoza – Els Casals

Balearic Islands – Baqueira (Vielha)

Lleida – La Molina (La Cerdanya)

Girona – La Molina (La Cerdanya)

Madrid – Formigal (Panticosa)

Bilbao – Andorra (La Seu d'Urgell)

Madrid – Andorra (La Seu d'Urgell)

Santander – Formigal (Panticosa)

Immerse yourself in the Cuisine of Terroir: Authentic Flavors of the Region

With our helicopter we take you to Els Casals, where culinary authenticity is celebrated. The local cuisine is based on fresh local ingredients, coming directly from nearby farms and farms. From greens and vegetables to truffles and poultry, every bite tells a story.

The temporality of the product is valued and it is treated with care and respect to ensure that all its qualities are highlighted and enjoyed in the best conditions.

Explore the Gastronomic Proposals in Els Casals

The letter

Our menu captures the authentic flavors of our land. From appetizers to desserts, each dish tells a story, offering you a unique experience.

Petit Menu

A careful selection of the best, with two appetizers, four dishes and two desserts. It is a refined and delicious experience that represents the essence of Els Casals in every bite.

The Terra

With three appetizers, seven dishes and two desserts, this tasting menu allows you to appreciate the little things in our daily lives, from the most volatile to the heaviest.

Rest in Nature

Flying by helicopter you can visit Els Casals and enjoy its facilities located in a charming 18th century house, which offer a rustic and family atmosphere. 

Spaces to Relax

Enjoy the common spaces, such as the living room with fireplace, the TV room, the terrace and the pool. Connect with nature while you relax, you can also visit nearby rural tourism sites.

Our helicopters

Available for 3 and 4 passengers.

Check weight and baggage limitations for each flight.

Passengers over 2 years old.

There is no policy for passengers with reduced mobility.

Limitation of flight only during the day.

How to book the helicopter flight

  1. Send planned point of origin and destination (address, town, location via WhatsApp...) to the phone:

  1. Indicates the number of people who are going to fly
  2. Provides the scheduled date of the helicopter flight and estimated time of departure (or arrival)

  3. Once you have received the quote, confirm it with payment according to its conditions.

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